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Airbus Corporate Jets

Airbus Business Jet Financing With Global Jet Capital Providing one of the most comprehensive and modern family of corporate jets in the industry, Airbus is a top choice for private aircraft across the globe. At Global Jet Capital, we are proud to offer operating leases, finance leases and traditional loans on a variety of Airbus corporate jets.

Airbus Corporate Jet Family

Global Jet Capital offers customers a new standard in high-end business jet leasing with a wide range of Airbus aircraft options.

Airbus ACJ318

The smallest and lightest jet in the Airbus business jet fleet, the Airbus ACJ318 is perfect for travelers looking for an optimized business travel solution.

Airbus ACJ319neo

One of the most popular aircraft options in the Airbus corporate jet fleet, the Airbus ACJ319 combines the widest and tallest cabin for superior comfort and luxury.

Airbus ACJ320neo

The Airbus ACJ320 features over 1,000 ft. of cabin floor area to fit almost any configuration and travel need you desire.

Airbus ACJ321

The largest private jet in the industry, the Airbus ACJ321 is the ultimate in private aircraft.

Benefits of Airbus Aircraft Leasing

Outfitted with the latest in modern aircraft and comfort technology, the Airbus corporate jet fleet provides owners with an unparalleled travel experience that is certain to impress. The Airbus business jet fleet goes above and beyond the traditional business aircraft, offering travelers twice the amount of cabin area so you can travel comfortably while easily accommodating lounges, offices or whatever travel amenities you seek. Furthermore, the modern and sleek designs of the Airbus business jet fleet provide you with quick, efficient and reliable technology to help you save time and money with every flight.

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