Let us help get you there

  • Corporate Video March 2019

You could agonize over your business aircraft deal closing on time due to the financing — \ Or, you could let us.

It’s no secret—the pool of quality pre-owned aircraft is shrinking, OEM backlogs are stretching out and price slashing and incentives are becoming a thing of the past. Which makes industry relationships and experience more crucial than ever. Our global team of business aviation experts can help increase your reach in today’s business aircraft market. From preapproval and progress payments to closing, we provide a complete suite of financial services designed to simplify the aircraft acquisition process. Not to mention making speedy closing dates more attainable. And with more than $2 billion in assets, world-class financial backing, hundreds of years of collective experience, and thousands of business aircraft transactions behind us, Global Jet Capital is uniquely positioned to craft customized financial solutions. Especially yours.