CleanFlight Carbon Offset Program


Doing the Right Thing Pays Its Own Kind of Dividend.

Global Jet Capital’s CleanFlight Carbon Offset Program provides clients with options should they choose to offset the greenhouse gas emissions related to their business aircraft through the purchase of verified carbon offsets.

Global Jet Capital is working to increase awareness of the impacts of climate change. In partnership with Azzera, an innovative provider of Net Zero transition solutions, Global Jet Capital will provide clients with access to the knowledge and expertise required to make informed decisions about offsetting the impact of their aircraft operations on the environment through the acquisition of verified carbon offsets.

Carbon Offset Program

A carbon offset is a certificate representing the reduction of one metric ton (2,205 lbs) of carbon dioxide emissions, a principal contributor to climate change. Although complex in practice, carbon offsets are simple in theory.

Any project that reduces carbon dioxide emissions and completes the validation and verification process for voluntary carbon offset projects can result in the production of carbon offsets. In this case, every ton of emissions reduced results in the creation of one carbon offset. Project developers then sell these offsets to finance their projects. Carbon offsets therefore are an available tool for individuals and organizations that wish to mitigate the impact of their own carbon footprints. Note that these carbon offsets are not necessarily applicable for compliance with government regulations/stipulations.


Carbon emission reduction projects reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in one of three ways:

  • By capturing and destroying a greenhouse gas that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere. An example of this is a methane gas capture project at a landfill.
  • By producing energy using a clean, renewable resource that eliminates the need to produce that same energy from fossil fuels, the burning of which releases greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. An example of this is wind power.
  • By capturing and storing (or “sequestering”) greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. An example of this is a project that promotes the healthy growth and maintenance of forests.

How do I take advantage of Global Jet Capital's CleanFlight Carbon Offset Program?

At the time of negotiating an operating lease, finance lease or loan, Global Jet Capital with the support of Azzera will assist you in determining the size of the carbon footprint associated with your aircraft. This will be based on the fuel burn associated with the make and model of your aircraft, anticipated annual operations, and desired years of coverage.

Based on the parameters above, Global Jet Capital will arrange the purchase of the appropriate number of carbon offsets to cover your anticipated usage either partially or fully.

At the time of deal close, Global Jet Capital will work with the client and Azzera to facilitate payment and the delivery of appropriate documentation of the offset.


Azzera is an innovative provider of Net Zero transition solutions. The company was founded on the belief that investing in protecting our environment should be simple. Azzera’s mission is to make managing and mitigating emissions through accessing carbon markets and sustainable aviation fuel an effortless experience. To further facilitate aviation’s journey to Net Zero, Azzera has introduced Azzera CELESTE, a first of its kind solution for emissions measurement and compliance management. Using this groundbreaking solution, aircraft operators can address the challenge of emission management in a singular platform including: data validation, compliance market segregation, automated compliance reporting, and direct access to purchasing compliance credits and SAFc.