Aircraft Financing

Customized loan structures

Global Jet Capital offers a variety of loan structures, including attractive fixed rates, 5- to 12-year terms and convenient payment options. With our broad asset base and powerful financial backing, we’re uniquely positioned to provide customized financial solutions to fit your aviation and business needs.


Know before you go.

The process of selecting and acquiring an aircraft starts with a deep understanding of the many costs associated with the purchase. There are a range of factors that can affect not only the purchase price but the operating costs as well. Global Jet Capital works closely with its clients to lock in solid pre-approvals, giving you the certainty you need as you go into the acquisition process.


Upgrades without the downtime

Whether mandated by regulation, driven by technology—or simply reflective of daily use, repairs and refurbishment are a fact of life in business aviation. We know how to mitigate technical risks—the equipment upgrades, refurbishment costs and inspection process that can slow you down. Whether you’re managing a global operation or a first-time buyer, we provide you with options for new or used aircraft, and create the most efficient solutions to support your needs.


Acquiring an aircraft isn’t like other purchases. It’s a different process that requires unique insights and customized financing. 

The first thing to understand is that building a new aircraft can be a multi-year process. Over that time period, manufacturers require that installment payments be made to cover the cost of materials and manufacturing. 

Global Jet Capital can help you finance these installments— generally referred to as progress payments. When the aircraft delivers, we can seamlessly roll the investment into the term product of your choice - operating lease, a finance lease or loan. 

Progress payment financing is only offered by providers specialized in business aviation and allows you to minimize the amount of capital tied up in your private jet purchase during the period prior to delivery.

how progress payments help with corporate aircraft financing