Sale & Leaseback

Sale-Leaseback Programs for Private Aircraft

In today’s challenging environment, flexibility and putting your capital to work is more important than ever. Global Jet Capital can help you unlock the equity in your aircraft—and still keep you flying. 

Unlock hidden and underutilized capital tied up in your aircraft through a Global Jet Capital sale-leaseback arrangement. 

Instead of tying up millions of dollars owning an aircraft, you can free up capital by selling Global Jet Capital your aircraft and leasing it back. Global Jet Capital then becomes the lessor and you become the lessee – with the added potential benefit of positive balance sheet treatment. Best of all, you retain full access to your own aircraft.

Depending on your situation, a sale leaseback option offers a wide range of financial advantages including, but not limited to:

Immediate Access to Cash for Other Needs or Investments in profitable ventures

Get fast access to your equity when you need it most, freeing up your capital for more profitable investments when priorities change.

Significantly Lower Cash Outlay

A sale-leaseback arrangement helps you to retain immediate access to your cash assets and make payments instead of tying up large amounts of cash in a single investment.

Increased Privacy

Get the increased privacy that comes with leasing and not having your name or business entities listed on ownership documents and in public records.


Predictable Fixed Monthly Payments

Global Jet Capital customizes each one of our client’s financial solutions with attractive terms and fixed monthly payments with convenient repayment options.

Remove Residual Value Risk

As the lessee, you won’t have to worry about the rate of depreciation. That responsibility shifts to Global Jet Capital so that you can continue to reap the benefits of having a private aircraft, without having depreciation risk. You may also choose to purchase your aircraft at the end of your lease, if it makes financial sense when the time comes.

Potential Positive Balance Sheet Benefits

Removing your existing aircraft from your current debt load may have immediate benefits to your balance sheet.



Don’t worry about reselling aircraft when you’re ready to upgrade or retire your jet. Global Jet Capital sale-leaseback arrangements provide a built in “buyer” for your aircraft at lease-end for eventual ease of disposition. 


Why Global Jet Capital?

When the benefits of corporate jet leasing become a better option than ownership, Global Jet Capital has you covered.

This financing option allows you to use your existing aircraft asset as loan collateral. You’ll retain the full use of your corporate jet without interruption, while potentially improving your balance sheet and avoiding a tedious resale process.

Invest your capital back into where your business needs it most and let us worry about the rest.